Monitor the links you sell, buy or exchange

There are lots of SEO tools out there, but when you use a backlink checker to find out all the links pointing to a specific domain, you will usually see a lot of irrelevant links. Sometimes it is good to monitor all of them, but must of the time, you get a big picture (Example: 25000 links from 300 domains for example).
Most of the times you are interested only in some specific links from advertorials, links you sell, buy or exchange.
This is exactly why you should monitor your links with - a really easy to use SEO tool.

You are notified via e-mail if your links have problems (get removed, nofollowed, robots.txt block ...). It can also detect the header response of the website so you can see if it is a 301 SEO Friendly or 302 Redirect.

What it is really great about this tool is that it has a lot of other useful features like:
  • expire date - if you buy a link for 6 months, you can setup the expiring date and you will get alerted via e-mail to renew it again. Same goes for selling.
  • tags - can be used to sort your links for each client or by trading (selling, buying, exchanging)
  • notes - add any detail you want to each link, like webmaster contact details ...
  • pagerank + alexarank - every link shows the pagerank and the main domain pagerank + the alexa rank so you can have a better overview of the quality of the site.
You can use it free, up to 20 links to monitor or Premium plans from 100 to 25000 links, starting from 4.95$/month. It is great for both SEO developers or blogggers and for SEO companies.

Let me know what you think about this tool.