What's it all about

The website is my way of sharing those passions with other people, but let's face it, I'm such a junkie for these things, I'd probably be doing it if no one ever responded at all. That doesn't mean I wouldn't like response. It's nice to know there may be folks out there reading what I say and getting moved by it in some way, either to laughter or to anger, any response is a welcome one (though the Storm Constantine fanclub can pass right by without stopping anytime they like -- I shan't miss them!)
You'll also find pieces by other contributors here, some recent, some old (those mostly emanating from my printed fanzines, many of the contents of which are archived here). I'm happy to read any contributions people might like to make, and will use those that I am sufficiently moved by that I think others should share in my enjoyment.

So, why take it onto the Web? Why not? With a fanzine, the best I could afford to circulate was a couple of hundred copies of any issue (because they were barter objects, rather than for sale -- I sent the fanzine to other fans, they sent me their own fanzines, or articles, artwork, letters of comment, etc). With a Web version, I pay for the ISP space, do what I can to spread the word about the site, then anyone who wants to can come and read the results. Best of all, anyone can get involved. Every main article in here will spin off a comments section, so write an email, make it cogent, witty and concise, and I'll stick it in the comments columns (but I need you guys writing in for that, OK?). I'll be looking for contributors, too. Want to write articles on the kind of subject matter you see here? Send me a sample, get me interested. That's another characteristic of SF fanzines I want to nurture here -- getting people to contribute their own thoughts to the mix.